Why Every Week Preparation is very Useful for a Very Productive Next Week



Somewhere in September 2017, I had the chance to read a great article about Why Sunday Prep is Necessary for a Successful Week. I couldn’t agree more with Christina. And inspired by her points so clear and precise, I wanted to add and adapt my own list with some specific aspects and with the benefits of organizing your schedule.

So here they are:

  1. Administrative organization for myself

It is said that those people that keep their desk in a little mess are more creative. I don’t know what to say about that. The only thing I do have in mind is the fact that I just can’t function at my full speed when things are thrown away no matter where. For me, the “clean desk policy” is something that helps me very much and gives me a huge boost of productivity.

  1. Writing in my notebook all the major tasks I want to accomplish for the week

Apart from the fact that I have always enjoyed handwriting, nowadays I have understood why. Because our brain it’s psychologically hardwired to assimilate much better everything it’s important to us if we just write things down. Not to talk about the same sensation of productivity when you just check one task after another very well accomplished.

  1. Wardrobe preparation

I have to admit I can’t be so precise like Christina is, and it’s something that I appreciate very much that she can do that. For me personally, at least for the moment, it’s more useful that I got to that point when having in my wardrobe 80% clothes that make me feel good and joyful. Still, have that 20%, but I am working on it 🙂 So yes, every day when I wake up I know I will have at least two clothing items that I can combine in this joyful, professional, classic or stylish way ultimately.

  1. Relax and recharge

We work so much and hard, that sometimes we don’t even realize how time flies. Now it’s Monday, now it’s Sunday. Even if it’s only reading a single chapter from a book on one day, an article from a business magazine, going to a movie on another day, spending quality time with your friends or family, or doing whatever you consider being helpful and relaxing for you, go for it. After all, we are humans and we do need to recharge once in a while.

So no matter if it’s only for twenty minutes or five hours on one day, the most important thing it’s to do quality things for you also. You deserve it!

  1. Going minimalist

In this never-ending busyness, sometimes we are so tempted to go after so many material things. Me included. But I try my best every time, first of all, to ask myself: “Do I really need this dress/jacket/set of pots/plates/teaspoons/casseroles/jewelry, etc.? I’m not saying not to buy anything and stay only with old clothes or any other old items. No. I’m just saying that investing more in things that maybe you already have, you could start saving more.

And again, I know that sometimes some small things can bring us a joyful moment. Me, just the other day I got a present as an urban food bag that has two casseroles included that are very practical for my everyday lunch.

So the main idea is to find an organize balance between spending too much money on things or accepting things that don’t serve you and things that you truly need.



I have to admit that I can’t be organized with too many aspects for one day, because once in a while I feel the need a little bit of “carpe diem”. Precisely for this reason, I was writing about in here last week.

But for me, this list applies actually in every day of the week. And I got to that point when I implemented them so well, that I almost feel them like an automatic thinking. The outcome’s absolutely amazing for that matter.

I hope you could find an inspiration in these and thus saving time and effort that you could spend on so many other valuable actions!